Richard Vanderbild Blue River

Tsar, simply Tsar.


At home we call him Hardy, Hardunya, Hardyuk.


Hardy is a romanticist cat. He sings serenades and love songs to fiancée-cats with low, deep and velvety intonated voice just like Louis Armstrong. His “arrr, arrr” sounds are very tender and tempting. Cats are amused…


Hardy – Gentleman cat. He gives the feeder to cats calmly, with dignity like wise and lenient head of the pride.


Hardy is a cat who says “Mother”. You won’t hear any mews from him. He talks, range of his sound combinations is simply infinite, and I suppose he can speak everything. If he likes to. If he wants.


Hardy has wide, smooth and open thorax and relatively narrow pelvis. His body is brawny, strong, athletic, very lithe and graceful. With a single movement of his strong and long legs he vertically throws his body on a 1,5 meter height.


Hardy doesn’t make marks. He is that much confident that he doesn’t need confirmation of rights to his territory. It feels like he has natural independence, great feeling of self-esteem. Surprisingly his independence combines with the need in caress, various evidences of love to him. So, in any handy or not case he gets under your hand, asks to be stroked, and spoken to, listened to his story about everything that happened in our absence. One of surprises Hardy’s is to come from behind and butt with his head under your arm: “Haven’t you forgotten that you have me?”


He counts knees as his lawful territory. Hardy is big, any knees will be “a little too small” for him and he diligently arranges, settles, putting his head or belly under the hand. Tenderly, not letting the claws go out he catches my hand and gratefully licks it.


Self-forgetfully, for hours he can lick himself diving in its important occupation which doesn’t sustain fuss. He is doing it loud tastefully at that so you can hear the sounds of wiping wet duster.


The cat has very thick undercoats and during fall-off I trim him like a dog. I pluck all old hair with my fingers. Hardy doesn’t like much this procedure but endures it. If you won’t help him that heap of undercoat hair will be in his stomach (what is not good) and will lead to problems with digestion.


In his royal greatness Hardy walks all around (including windowsills) like on carpet runner to a throne and woe to those flower pots and other things that get in his way! He simply ignores them and doesn’t condescend to avoid them … then he sincerely doesn’t understand and amazes of the reason he got lectured as he simply stalked where he wanted.


He loves variety in food. With pleasure he eats meat and dry food. He has a soft corner for boiled veal liver and dates. Dates’ smells makes him insane, he becomes a tailed request “Please give me!”


Hardy witnessed the birth of his kittens from Basjena Sladkaja Penka andIzjuminka. He calmly with healthy interest observed the process. When the newborn uttered his first chirp in life he surprisingly leaned back, rounded his eyes and cheerfully purred. Basjena also soothingly hummed as if saying: “There he’s born, that’s nice. Baby, your father loves you too.”


Favourite toy – empty reel (preferably old-fashioned, wooden) from the thread.


The eyes colored early, at 6 month they shined with even jaded greenery.















































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