Ah, these kawaii* green eyes!

 Color of eyes transformation.

Kittens are born with the closed eyes. For 7-12 day of life of kittens of an eye start to open, and at first their color dairy-dark blue. By three weeks at our kittens of an eye become is bright-blue. Then color of eyes starts to change (there is «recolour» of eyes). At first there are small impregnations of green or olive color. Gradually them becomes more and more and they merge in a ring round a pupil. In process of a growing of a kitten the green ring extends and occupies all iris of the eye of an eye. The greens of eyes can be different shades: a bright emerald, olive, jade, grassy or colors of fresh salad. In these photos of kittens from our cattery  it is well visible, as there is a change of color of eyes.


























































































 Color of eyes in photos hasn't been subjected to digital processing and as much as possible transfers a real shade of color of eyes. ( All photos were not exposed to color and light processing)r and light processing

    Pictures are made by different equipment at various times days, at different illumination.

 *  可愛い,  kawaii -In transfer from Japanese language darling, charming, charming means.











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