Zeta Anna Buzki Blue Star


Seren Star


Home name – Bazi, Bazita.

 It’s a long-awaited member of our cats pride and we are happy of replenishment. Anna Buzki has easily and naturally fitted in our house, and has not brought any problems and worries. Sweet, sociable, without bitchiness and combativeness, she perfectly found a common language with Olivia and the they are two hopping playmates. She loves lying on the knees. When I work on PC she tries to help me, catching the mouse pointer and walking along the keyboard.


Anna Buzki is true original in everything. She sits on the edge of a tray only with bottom and part of hind feet. She uses HIND feet in games, just like regular football player, kicking the ball or bead. Bar and tube of cat’s house are used by her like sports equipment that much fast and agile that we gasp, holding breath and looking at her jumps, daps, twists and climbs. What a swift tempo! Real champion in gymnastics among cats. To my mind she has a great potential for agility.


All our cats have long and flexible tails. But Anna Buzki’s tail is something not ordinary. Songs, figures and shapes embodied by her tail are infinitely original and various. It seems that her tail lives with his own life independent from cat, very saturated, interesting life. He’s always in movement, smoothly and gracefully it bends on different curves.

 Anna Buzki is still a baby, who has a lot of questions about everything. Probably that’s why the most popular figure of her tail is what pointed at on or other side. Her tail can be a wave, corkscrew, ring and many other things. It may be pointed proudly and vertically like a banner. It also may swing from side to side bowing before ambient space or on the contrary waving away the bustle.

All our cats after the morning alarm give me the right to choose – to wake up or lay on their places. But not Anna Buzki. She supposes that on she knows the receipt of my cheerful awakening. And she starts marching in different directions. She gets under the blanket and checks whether everything is on its place, haven’t any port of my body disappeared at night. She butts with head my chin and ears, licks closed eyes and neck, tenderly bites cheekbones. Together with this she loudly purrs and fondly groans. With that my awakening really becomes joyful. It’s a pity, but during weekends when alarm doesn’t ring Anna Buzki at habitual for her time rigorously observes the ritual...

The cat mews quietly, the sound is clear and high. But her “mew” we hear rarely. It’s more common for her to groan and peep. She purrs loud with low and also with some kind of groaning sound.

In food she has no preferences, eats what is given, but she may eat that much bread rings “as much she wants”, and raw meet or chicken – “as much she could”. She finds no attraction in vegetables. If we offer them to her, she makes surprised eyes and wrinkles her nose.

The color of eyes started transforming early. When she was three month old spaces of bright, clear, shining and emerald greenery appeared in iris. The best lines of Russian blue cats from Poland, Denmark, Holland meet in Bazita and the time will show further color of eyes transformation.

Probably she has no favorite toy. She can play with anything, what can be thrown up and driven on the floor. She always experiments on the matter: whether the thing is playable or not.







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