Olivija Moja Radost`


Birdie on the branches of my soul 

Home name – Lyalka, Lyolishna, Lyoshka. Names – official and home devised slightly, practically during acting when we knew what word fell to litter.

Olivia came to our house as an alimentary kitten and charmed us with lazy grace and lively sincerity. For a long time she preferred our shoulders and backs in comparison with other home spaces. At the same time considered us comfortable add-on to her existence, stove bench for sleep or service staff. And also – nice walking springboard for her escapades and jumps on higher levels. There was a period when I walked with a thick towel on my shoulders. For the sake of justice we should recognize that she can snuggle up lying on your neck like a collar and brings pleasing feelings. After some time, “shoulder period” passed.


Before growing up she was very talkative girl and uttered unaccustomed sounds for cats which resembled doves cooing – delicate, low, calming, very musical in different keys – iridescent song of a bird or bubble of the mountain brook.









We observed that Olivia had double color of eyes transformation. From infantile bright-blue at tree-month age they transformed in greenery. Then inclusions appeared turning the eyes in olive with large admixture of yellow and brown. By year and a half Olivia gained very beautiful and uncommon green color – like rays of light break through green leaves or green little pieces of ice.

In exhibitions as a children and teenager she presented herself as show-biz star: relaxedly, confidently, with a childish spontaneity and coquetry.                                          

Olivia loves riding to exhibitions (but not entirely exhibitions) in other towns, easily and adequately reacting to the change of setting. In trains she rests, vividly takes interest in landscapes and views outside the window, with dignity and calm perceives the attention and the interest of fellow travelers.

She is legible in food, prefers natural, especially raw veal and yolk.

Favorite toy – small.







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