Naomi Kiss Moja Radost`

Jade-eyed charmy

At home – Nyusick, Nyushenka, Nyuhundel’


Gentle temper, trustful openness and benevolence of Naomi conquer and favor from the first minutes of communication with her.

Naomi has charming color of eyes. It’s the jade sea of calm and harmony. Color is gomogenius , clear and bright.

With behavior, manners and glare Naomi resembles me Nastenka, the heroine of the film by Alexander Row “Morozko”. Nastenka is meek, affectionate and uncomplaining, she gives birth to pet and fondle. She inherited self-esteem, steadiness, inner peace and power and mental balance from her father, Richard Vanderbild. She has no need in self-affirmation, she has no signs of bitchiness. She never argues for place under the sun, love and caress. She just enjoys life as it goes. The cat has no inferiority complex. Happy and playful, tender and careful mother, wonderfully subtly our mood and always finding the way to improve it – it’s all about her. When she comes to lie on the knees or gets a place at night near me, I am always thankful to her for joy and feeling of calm that she brings.


Voice of Naomi is low, slightly husky and with bass intonations. She doesn’t mew, she speaks, saying various sounds and listening to her is like listening to Cher (Cher, Cherilyn Sarkissian LaPiere Bono Allman), actress and singer. In her lexicon she has the sound combination “bufff” – the sound is short, low, very endearing and passionate. It reflects most likely her deep satisfaction. More frequently she lets it out on the last periods of pregnancy and during feeding of kittens when she comes to the feeder. We might have an impression that she talks to her children: “Alright, now we are going to eat.”


She easily endures drying with hairdryer but does not respect working vacuum cleaner. After it is turned on Nyusha crawls to it states all what she thinks of this high-flown, impudent and noisy creature. Then she start “killing” and mercilessly quit of brush or hose.

The cat is frugal, thankfully eats everything what is given. With pleasure she eats apples, especially green. She won’t refuse from eating pieces of watermelon or tomato.


Favorite toy – paper or foil bow or some other special bristling stuff on elastic.













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