Izjuminka Moja Radost`

Each house should have its own Zest*

(* Izjuminka is translated from Russian as Zest)

We didn’t know how to name her at home. At first she was Izya, then, for quite a long time, Zyama. Then after mature thinking we decided to withdraw from manly names and stopped on Musya. Musylda was tolerant to the foresaid experiments and answered all the names, laughing in her soul on our torments in finding of her sound equivalent.


Izjuminka was born at our home and we have her photos at very early age. By the way, she came into being that way: first she got “full of beans” and then Izjuminka was born in whole. Form five kittens of Basjоna’s breed she was most bright, short-haired and was notable for independence, exceptional nimbleness and curiosity. When she grew up, she played with toys by herself, not getting into “scramble” with other kittens. She was the first who mastered the levels above the floor and from above she indulgently observed the races of her brothers and sisters. It was hard to take photo of her, living and shaky like quicksilver. Those photos we now have were worth the effort.

With growth, her “beanness” transformed into healthy mobility and optimism. Her favorite occupation now is jumping and playing.

Izjuminka had prolonged color of eyes transformation. They started transforming early, but clear, smooth and bright enough greenery established at one and a half year age.

When you communicate with her, you understand that she is tender and vulnerable cat with great sense of dignity. Pride does not allow her to burden with her presence, jump on the knees without invitation or draw attention in other ways, but she gratefully answers any caress with words or touches. If other cats sitting on human’s knees show their love licking your hands, Izjuminka gently and gingerly bites hands’ skin.

Izjimunka’s “mew” is very short, clear, delicate, major, quiet and very rare. She purrs in a low voice but very heartfelt.

Izjuminka is a wonderful, caring and wise mother.

It’s hard to figure out her preferences in food. She’s indifferent to vegetables, fruits and all other products of non-animal origin. Perhaps only bread excites her interest.

 Favorite toy – rolled ball of paper or tube from claw-sharpener. The things she does with the tube will give a hundred percent handicap to a professional strip-pole dancer. 


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